Thursday, March 19, 2015

ZERO's new album "Money, What Money" is out now on Cordelia.


1. Variant #1
2. Let's make the water turn black
3. Lumpy gravy
4. Idiot bastard son
5. My guitar wants to kill your mama
6. Pygmy twylyte
7. 555
8. Dirty love
9. Orange County lumber truck
10. Oh no
11. Holiday in Berlin
12. Centerville
13. America drink / Bow tie daddy

Thursday, March 5, 2015

The current edition of the German Rolling Stone magazine has an article called "Die 100 besten Alben (die keiner kennt)" (The 100 best albums that nobody knows about) which includes this one....

I don't speak German but I imagine that translates as "Alan Jenkins is very very good at music and anyone that has ever bought a U2 album but not a Deep Freeze Mice one is a total spastic". 

Two things: Surely nobody has heard of the better Mice albums either? And The Soft Boys' Underwater Moonlight and the Monochrome Set's Eligible Bachelors are also in the list.